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Welcome to the BSP Online Recruitment Portal!

The BSP is the central bank and monetary authority of the Republic of the Philippines. We are seeking qualified, competent, and highly engaged individuals for jobs involved in central banking, finance, economics, and other critical functions that contribute to the quality of life of all Filipinos.

If you are considering starting a career with one of the country’s best-performing government institutions, you can browse our vacancies here and send in your application through this online recruitment portal. For more information about the recruitment process, check out the “Essentials” section on the right-hand side of this page.

Qualification Standards

Qualification Standards are the minimum qualifications an applicant must possess in order to be considered for a position in the BSP. The "QS" is typically composed of the following:

  • Relevant work experience (no. of years)
  • Relevant education
  • Relevant training (no. of hours)
  • Civil Service eligibility
  • Filipino citizenship

Qualifications standards vary per job, and are indicated in each job listing.

Pre-employment Screening Process

Shortlisted candidates are subjected to a multi-stage screening process that is designed to determine whether they are qualified and suitable to the proposed position. The procedure includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Preliminary evaluation of applications against the QS
  • Pre-employment tests and interviews
  • Validation of qualifications and suitability by the BSP Selection Board
  • Medical examination

Frequently Asked Questions

What is civil service eligibility and how do I obtain it?

Civil service eligibility is a qualification that is required in order to be appointed to certain career positions in government, on a permanent status. For the majority of positions in the BSP, the required civil service eligibility may be obtained by:

  • Taking and passing career service examinations (professional and/or sub-professional) administered by the Civil Service Commission
  • Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree with Latin Honors from colleges and universities of good standing (per Presidential Decree No. 907)
  • Passing the bar examination or any licensure board examination administered by the Professional Regulation Commission, provided the license is relevant to the functions and duties of the position being applied for (per Republic Act No. 1080).

To determine the specific civil service eligibility required for employment, please check the qualification standards of the position.

How do I apply?

  • You can browse and apply for published vacancies here
  • Or submit your application for inclusion in our roster by clicking here

Will you be contacting me?

  • Due to the high volume of application for employment filed by the BSP, we only contact applicants who are shortlisted for specific positions.

How long does the recruitment process take?

  • The duration of the recruitment process varies depending on the quantity and quality of applications received.
  • Should you be shortlisted for a position, you will be informed of any updates and requirements, accordingly.

I’d like to know more about work in the BSP.

  • Check out our webpage or our LinkedIn page for more information about the history, vision, mission, and operations of the BSP.

I am interested in joining the BSP, but there seem to be no vacancies that suit my qualifications. What should I do?

  • If you find no suitable vacancies at this time, you can submit your application for inclusion in our roster.
  • Just create an account and file your application through this link.
  • We will contact you should we be in need of applicants with your background and qualifications.
  • Nevertheless, we encourage you to regularly check this website and our LinkedIn page, to keep updated on our vacancies.